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The Lundell Plant Diversity Portal

Plant specimen data and images from Texas, Mexico, Mesoamerica, and beyond

The Plant Resources Center of the University of Texas at Austin houses the University of Texas (TEX) and Lundell (LL) herbaria, which combined comprise over a million specimens. The database presented here includes over 210,000 Texas specimens from both herbaria, presented using the Symbiota interface and software. Future development will soon expand the on-line data to the Mexican and type specimens in TEX-LL, and interfaces will then be provided to allow other herbaria in Texas and Mexico (and elsewhere) to database their collections and serve their specimen data and images through the Lundell Portal.

The Lundell Plant Diversity Portal, supported by the University of Texas at Austin Lundell Endowment for Lundellia from Cyrus L. Lundell and powered by Symbiota
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