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The Lundell Plant Diversity Portal

Plant specimen data and images from Texas, Mexico, Mesoamerica, and beyond

The Billie L. Turner Plant Resources Center of the University of Texas at Austin houses the University of Texas (TEX) and Lundell (LL) herbaria, which combined comprise over a million specimens. The Lundell Portal includes (as of April 2022) one of the largest collections of Texas vascular plant specimens (ca. 232,000 text records, ca. 194,000 of which have linked images), as well as a large collection of specimens from Mexico (ca. 243,000 text records, ca. 194,000 of which have linked images). The database and images presented here continue to grow as we digitize further subsets of the holdings. Future development will soon expand the on-line content to include our type specimens, as well as more global coverage of selected plant families and genera. We share records with a number of specimen data aggregators and the Lundell Portal’s content is mirrored at the SEINet website (https://swbiodiversity.org/seinet/index.php).